Harry Potter actor to play Wonder Woman villain

Harry Potter actor to play Wonder Woman villain

The first Wonder Woman solo film is scheduled to open in early June, but so far, it remains unclear who the villain will be. But a new rumor circulating ensures that actor David Thewlis (Professor Lupine from the Harry Potter films) will play the Greek God of War Ares, who is likely to be the antagonist for the film.

Apparently, Thewlis will play Ares in scenes that do not involve fighting, and will probably be portrayed as a small man of small stature. When the action appears, he will transform into a character made exclusively with special effects, to portray the character’s grandeur.

Ares has not yet appeared in any of the trailers released so far, possibly due to the fact that the film is in the post-production period – a time when the special effects are finished. But as the premiere date approaches, an appearance in the last trailer of the feature is expected.

Wonder Woman is set to premiere on June 2.

About Ares

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The villain Ares was inspired by the Greek God of War, and is considered by many to be Wonder Woman’s greatest enemy. It was introduced in the first edition of the heroine comic, in 1942.

In the second edition of the comic, the villain was renamed after his name in Roman mythology, Mars, and remained so until February 1987, when he used the nickname Ares again.

Due to the several changes that have already occurred in the narrative continuity of the Wonder Woman comics, the villain alternated his name between Ares and Mars, in addition to changing his personality and physical appearance several times.

In 2011, with the release of the series Os Novos 52 – a kind of reboot of all DC comic series -, a new version of the villain was created. He earned the name Guerra, and was introduced as a kind of mentor to Wonder Woman. His original appearance was that of an elderly man, with a long beard and black eyes; but recently he became a young man with a warrior-like physique.

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