‘Hancock’ on Netflix: Will Smith is a totally different superhero

‘Hancock’ on Netflix: Will Smith is a totally different superhero

, 2008 film starring Will Smith and Charlize Theron, arrived at Netflix on Monday (06/01) and immediately entered the TOP 10 the platform. Check here the synopsis, the trailer, the technical daughter of the film and everything we know about.

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Synopsis and Trailer

Will Smith is Hancock, a bankrupt superhero, forced to hire Ray Embrey (Jason Bateman), a public relations specialist, to help him remake his image.

Technical Sheet (2008)

Original title:
Duration: 92 minutes
Launch: July 4, 2008
Distributor: Sony Pictures Entertainment
Directed by: Peter Berg
Classification: 12 years
Genre: Action, Drama, Comedy
Country of origin: USA

will happen?

Despite the high box office collected in the 2008 film and the fact that Will Smith, Charlize Theron and the writers have shown interest in recording a sequel, director Peter Berg revealed, in an interview with, that it will not happen, due to creative differences and the agenda of those involved.

There are so many ‘cooks’ in this particular kitchen, who are so busy […] to put everyone in the same room where we can talk and then agree on something. You will never find a group of people who will have a harder time agreeing on anything [como nós].

Berg explained in an interview.