Halloween – movies worth watching that day

Halloween - movies worth watching that day

Movie Halloween? It’s really a decent idea for October 31. Although thrillers and horror movies can be watched any day of the year, it is the Halloween atmosphere that gives them extraordinary strength and makes them even more terrifying than you might think. On the last night of October, we get into good production with the thrill ourselves, wanting to have a break in the comfort of our own homes or in a party with friends. In today’s ranking I have prepared for you 20 best titles in my opinion, which will provide the strongest emotions and effectively stop at the screen. If you have your suggestions, don’t forget to share them in the comments.


juxtaposition Halloween movies we open with a title that could no longer refer to the upcoming holiday. Halloween is the famous film series, initiated in the 70s by John Carpenter. The story focuses on the psychopathic killer Michael Meyers, who escapes from a psychiatric hospital on the eve of the Night of Ghosts. The man returns to his hometown to kill more people. The series consists of eight titles, and some time ago it was confirmed that soon another film will be made, in which Jamie Lee Curtis will return. Therefore, we are dealing here with immortal plots – if you haven’t seen it so far, it’s time to catch up.


The well-known comedy from 1984 also became the beginning for the continuation and subsequent reboots, becoming a cult item on the cinematography pages. The film is about a group of ghost hunters whose everyday life is spent on ghost hunting. Equipped with ultramodern equipment, they are not afraid of any threat, and their actions often turn into a real series of unfortunate events. The film won the Satellite statuette and brought fame to Ivan Reitman, the creator of the whole series. A great proposition for those who do not necessarily dream of sleepless nights, but rather good entertainment.

Boo! A Madea Halloween

Last year’s hit by Tyler Perry, which also appears on the screen – in a triple role. The story focuses on the title Madeira, who watches over a group of rebellious teenagers planning a crazy Halloween night. The woman is not afraid of any ghosts and monsters – she is able to chase away any paranormal being that gets in her way. The film is a combination of comedy and horror, and its sequel is currently conquering American cinema screens. It may appeal to everyone who likes to sometimes entertain themselves with low-budget absurd productions and have a laugh among friends.

The Babadook

‌The Babadook is a climatic proposition for psychological cinema fans. The main characters of the film are a single mother and her several-year-old son, whose mutual relations leave much to be desired. The woman is too lenient and the boy is more and more unbearable, which leads to many problems in everyday life. However, everything changes when a mysterious illustrated book about the title Babadook is found in their home. The mother does not realize that by reading it out loud, she involuntarily invoked true evil. The film may not be scary in the common sense of the word, and more than on the action puts an emphasis on building a disturbing climate in words, so you need to approach the screening with an open mind. The production provokes reflection on the phenomenon of depression or the human psyche, and thanks to great scenery, it stays in our memory for a long time.


On Halloween, it’s good to watch not only ghost and ghost horror films, but also good thrillers. One of the most interesting that I was able to see is the Spanish Troupe, whose action concerns the mysterious murder of a rich and beautiful woman. The dead body is stolen from the morgue one night. The search for both the kidnapper and the still unknown murderer begins, and the suspicion falls on the increasingly strangely behaving victim husband. The film is suspenseful from beginning to end and offers many unforeseen twists and turns, which will satisfy the most demanding viewers.

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