Half-Life Alyx: confirms the first gameplays of Valve’s game

Half-Life Alyx: confirms the first gameplays of Valve’s game

THE Valve kept its promise. Last month, the game studio at Steam officially announced the release date of its next FPS game, Half-Life: Alyx.

Half-Life: Alyx

But until March 23, he promised to show a little more of the long-awaited third part of the saga Half-Life.

Half-Life: Alyx is available March 23. Today we’re releasing three new gameplay videos to give you a taste of the environments and situations you’ll encounter in the game. Watch them all here: https://t.co/aTAnZA3lsU

– Valve (@valvesoftware) March 2, 2020

As expected, Valve released three short music videos from its new title to PC VR.

In this new game, we see that the player can move naturally or by teleportation to make the experience more dynamic in combat.

The game also provides an overview of possible interactions with objects and scenarios: for example, catching an object in the air while it is falling and throwing it at other enemies, in addition to the classic ability Gravity Gun, in Half-Life 2.

In a second video, more like exploration, Alyx Vance seems more communicative than her predecessor, Gordon Freeman. Again, there are multiple interactions and the immersion in the game seems to please.

The third and final video draws attention due to the combat atmosphere. The potential of virtual reality seems to be very well explored, such as the manual reloading of the weapon and the launching and receiving of hand grenades.

Valve says its VR device must add new gameplay features. It is worth remembering that the plot of Half-Life: Alyx it will take place before the events of the first two games and will focus on the origins of Alyx Vance’s character.