Hadson is eliminated from BBB20: see the controversies

Hadson is eliminated from BBB20: see the controversies

With 79.71% of the votes, Hadson is the third deleted of BBB20. Therefore, see the controversial that the ex-brother was involved in his stay on the program.

Since the debut of Big Brother 2020, Hadson has been the subject of discussions between the glass house audience and viewers. In addition, several people announced to even have rancidity of the former football player.

So, check out some of Hadson’s controversies:

Ex-wife restraining order report

Even before the start of the reality show, the brother already suffered from rumors of an alleged aggression against his ex-wife.

However, the case was dismissed by the brother’s own ex and his lawyer had to release a note on this restraining order against Hadson in July 2018.

Supporter humiliation

After a fight over rival teams, the former football player humiliated a fan. More than a simple argument, the disagreement caused even a torn shirt by Hadson.

Gossip about a member of BBB20

In this case, Hadson participated in a conversation between Felipe and Lucas about sister Mari Gonzalez. So Mari was quoted after visiting Lucas’ room after a party.

After Prior asked what the participant was doing at the place, Hadson replied with a certain rudeness: “It was wanting to give it to Lucas (…) I just didn’t want to eat”.

Plan to harm sisters

In this situation, Hadson and Felipe said that, together with Lucas, they planned to invest against committed members to harm them with the public.

This is what we are doing. We are using it [Lucas] to distract, so that women give in, those who are married out there.

Hadson comments

See the reactions of Twitter viewers even before Hadson’s elimination: