Had Friends reunion at The Ellen Show

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Actress Courteney Cox was the guest of honor for this week’s TV show The Ellen Show to announce her new web series, Nine Months with Courteney Cox, and the opening of her official Instagram account. She was received on the show with a special set that replicated the scene of Central Perk, the popular café on the TV show Friends, for which she is more popular for playing the character Monica, but the surprises did not stop there.

At one point on the show, actress Lisa Kudrow, her co-worker in the Friends days, was invited to join Courteney and Ellen on the red couch. Cox didn’t know anything, as well as the audience for the show, so it was a great surprise for everyone who was there. It was a quick moment, but full of internal jokes from the show they met, reminiscent of the barista Gunther and the songs that Phoebe, a Kudrow character, used to perform at Central Perk – although she did not sing any in this reunion.

Netizens were also very happy with the surprise and the most nostalgic showed their interest in Jennifer Aniston, Rachel, also being there to mark the official reunion of the female trio of Friends.

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