Gusttavo Lima’s second live today: Show promises to break records

Gusttavo Lima’s second live today: Show promises to break records

The singer Gusttavo Lima presented its first one on March 28, reaching 750 thousand simultaneous accesses and breaking the record that belonged to singer Beyoncé. After him, a succession of records were reached, first by Jorge e Mateus, then I love you.

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Understand the controversy involving the second live by Gusttavo Lima, a Ambev it’s the Conar.

gusttavo lima's next live

Gusttavo Lima’s Monday is tomorrow

After the first was a success, Gusttavo Lima announced a second edition of , which will take place today (11), at 8 pm, on the singer’s YouTube channel. The will last for 5 hours.

Just like other artists have been doing, Gusttavo Lima fans can also participate in choosing the songs that will be presented at. They must post a video on Instagram with the desired song and use the hashtag #CantaEssaBB.

On the singer’s social networks, the propaganda of the news is strong. Without giving further details, Gusttavo states that the show will take place in the same place as the first, his farm in Bela Vista de Goiás. He also reveals that it will be different from the first.

I’m going to put together a wonderful repertoire and it will be different.

Revealed Gusttavo Lima on his social networks

THE Monday by Gusttavo Limahappens today (11), starting at 8 pm, on the singer’s official channel on YouTube.