Gusttavo Lima’s live breaks Beyoncé record and is the most viewed on YouTube

Gusttavo Lima’s live breaks Beyoncé record and is the most viewed on YouTube

The live made last Saturday (28) by the singer sertanejo Gusttavo Lima, entitled , took the post of greatest live music ever recorded on YouTube with more than 750 thousand simultaneous accesses, breaking the record achieved by Beyonce 458 thousand accesses. The singer did an online show over 5 hours long, singing 100 songs from his home and showing them through a live broadcast.

The live of the country duo Jorge e Mateus promises to exceed the numbers reached by Gusttavo Lima. will air on April 4 starting at 8 pm on the official singers channel.

Buteco Em Casa: Gusttavo Lima makes a 5 hour live

In order to raise funds and supplies for charities, the singer managed to collect more than R $ 100,000 in donations, in addition to tons of food to combat the ills caused by the outbreak of the new coronavirus, considered a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization) Cheers).

Several artists are conducting lives to entertain the public during the quarantine period, recommended to avoid the transmission of Covid-19. Several music festivals and entertainment at home are being made through lives on Instagram, such as the Music Festival at Home, the Eu Fico Em Casa Festival and the Rir em Casa Festival.

The sertaneja artist I love you, who recently became the mother of little Leo, commented on Gusttavo Lima’s live on his social network:

hello @gusttavo_lima, i would like to say, on behalf of the union of “live makers” that you are making the live concept unfeasible and that you will not be able to copy it. thanks.

– marilia mendonca (@MariliaMReal) March 29, 2020

As for the success of the 5-hour live, Gusttavo Lima did not stop there. The singer promised that on April 11th he will make a second edition of the live with a different repertoire, recorded and broadcast live directly from his mansion.

What a hangover, my friends. I’ll never drink again, I promise. I need an urgent bill. Moving on to thank each of you. And let it be registered here: it will take place on April 11, two weeks from now, here at home again. I’m going to put together a wonderful repertoire and it will be different.

Said the singer on his social network.