Gusttavo Lima runs over man convicted of murder and reception

Gusttavo Lima

Gusttavo Lima

Gusttavo Lima

Gusttavo Lima runs over cyclist in Bela Vista, Goiás

The singer Gusttavo Lima ran over a cyclist during the night of last Sunday (05), in the capital of Goiás, his hometown. Sertanejo reported what happened to journalist Leo Dias.

I have never been in such a situation, I am very tense, Leo… but I will tell you what happened: I was in my truck, 1h30 ago (around 9:30 pm), in a two-way avenue in my city about 30 km / h, when I approached a roundabout.

Gusttavo Lima said to Leo Dias

The artist said in an interview that he was driving in the preferential lane, which gives priority to buses and taxis. According to the singer, a car at high speed hindered him, giving rise to the accident.

I was in the preferential, but a car passed very fast in front of me, puncturing my preference and, suddenly, I hear a loud noise.

Upon hearing the noise, Gusttavo Lima got out of his vehicle.

I didn’t know what it was and I stopped the car. When I look in the mirror, several cars stop behind me. I went back to see what had happened. I got out of the car and went to understand. My car had touched the handlebars of the bicycle and knocked the boy over. At the time, I called Samu, 192.

The singer, author of many lives during the quarantine, reported that the accident was just a scare.

I was there all the time providing all the boy with assistance. Thank goodness I was very slow. My car is armored and very big and if the shock was head-on I could seriously injure the boy.

Finished the singer

The artist said in an interview with Leo Dias that the cyclist did not want to go to the hospital.

After some time, always saying he was fine, he went and asked if I was Gusttavo Lima. In that, there were already about 15 to 20 people around. The ambulance arrived quickly. They were very close. As soon as the doctors got off, they told me they were about 1km away from there filling up at a gas station and noticed when the same cyclist passed.

According to the column by Leo Dias, the cyclist who is the victim of the accident is called Renato Rodrigues Borges, 30, and is serving a sentence in a semi-open regime for the crimes of homicide and reception.

He was taken to a public hospital here in Bela Vista and I asked my security guard to go there and transfer him to a private hospital in Goiânia. I want him to have the best treatment. When my security guard got there, he understood why the boy didn’t want to go to the hospital at all and was dispensing with medical care

Finished the singer.