‘Guibi’ couple over? Guilherme and Gabi fight ugly at BBB20

‘Guibi’ couple over?  Guilherme and Gabi fight ugly at BBB20

This carnival was very turbulent for the Guibi couple, which appeared in BBB20. The model Guilherme and the singer Gabi Martins fell out after the entrepreneur left and influenced Bianca Andrade of the reality show yesterday, at dawn on February 26th.



Has Guibi reached the end? Check out the bullshit of Gabi Martins and Guilherme

After Boca Rosa left the program, Guilherme and Flayslane went to say goodbye to their friend, which made Gabi Martins relive painful memories of a BBB20 party, in which Bianca and Guilherme were in a more intimate atmosphere than usual. At the party in question, Bianca Andrade had asked the model to move away from her, otherwise she would kiss him.

It is worth remembering that Boca Rosa had a relationship with Diogo Melim outside the house and was eliminated this week from Big Brother Brasil, after being indicated by Rafa Kalimman to the wall.


As soon as Guilherme said goodbye to Bianca Andrade, Gabi told him that he did not want his company, claiming that he needed time to reflect, relax and forget the subject. However, the model did not like the girlfriend’s reaction.

What did I do to this girl? I’m her boyfriend and she asked me to leave her alone. I was bad because Bia left and now she will stay?

Guilherme said to Mari Gonzalez

Gabi Martins told Guilherme that the day of the party when he and Bianca exchanged flirtations still hurt her, as she hadn’t had time to process and erase the fact for good.

The singer added that when she saw Boca Rosa leaving the reality show, the memories of the fateful party surfaced, upsetting her, as the situation reminded her of a betrayal committed by her ex-boyfriend outside the BBB20 home.

How many times will this happen? What do I have to do to make you believe me? You who asked me to date. I’m not playing a couple, and nothing I do is enough for you.

I don’t want to talk anymore. Do you think it will work with you thinking about your ex? I don’t need to go through this. You are repeating the same thing and I am not willing. I’m not a scoundrel like your ex.

Gui said to Gabi

Already crying a lot, Gabi rebutted the speech of the until then boyfriend, reminding him that Bill had not told her that Bianca had hit on him while she was drunk and continued the relationship with her friend normally.

If you think so, we will not be together then. If you think about what your exes did, don’t try anything with anyone, because you will hurt other people. I didn’t do anything, that’s in your head.

It is useless to say that you are madly in love with me and to be on the back foot. When we forgive, we forget. I don’t want dating to keep asking for time.

Guilherme replied.


Half an hour later, Guilherme, stressed, vented to his confinement colleagues, Flayslane and Prior, claiming that Gabi’s cry had been “theater”, because the sister was laughing with her friends ten minutes after the DR.

I want to see, if I come back, how she will act with me. Am I going to forget everything that happened? Flay doesn’t work, you know? I wanted to be hugged to her now, but I can’t.

Crying, Guilherme also said that the fight would certainly harm him in the game.

I don’t want to get any closer to her, I will be punching a knife point.

On the afternoon of the same day (26), Gabi and Guilherme went back to talking about the fight they had earlier. Gabi said that at several times she wanted to be with Guilherme, but her brother was with Bianca, and that upset her.

The model, in turn, said that just as she wanted to continue her relationship with the singer outside the home, she would like to continue her friendship with Bianca. Gabi stressed that she would like a break in the relationship.

And I respect it, I will not insist on something that you are not sure about, I just won’t be waiting. But my feeling hasn’t changed, you are still my priority here.

Said Guilherme

Gabi replied the model:

It is a right. If I don’t heal first and face this pain, I won’t be able to live what I have to live. If you don’t wait for me, I will understand. You remain my biggest prize here, the best thing that happened to me.

And now, that time will be final or Guibi will resist this DR?