Guia das Lives: the artists’ concert schedule for the month of April

Guia das Lives: the artists’ concert schedule for the month of April

The period of Quarantine led several artists to find a way to get closer to their fans. Gusttavo Lima, Jorge e Mateus and I love you are just a few of those who came straight from their homes, breaking access records in the YouTube.

next lives

Although there is still no official date for the closing of the social isolation, it is likely that during April the situation will not change. Thus, the schedule of continues in full swing, with concerts of various musical genres, both national and international.

Check out the complete guide to April, and early May, which includes, in addition to individual presentations, projects such as and Music Hunger Festival. In these projects, several artists exhibit the best of their repertoires and, most importantly, during, donations are collected for those who need it most.

Guide to

Saturday (04/04), 20h – Jorge and Mateus (Watch)

Wednesday (08/04), 20h – Marília Mendonça (Watch)

Thursday (09/04), 8:00 pm – Pericles (Watch)
Thursday (09/04), 8pm – Pedro Sampaio (Watch)
Thursday (09/04), 21h – Bruno & Marrone (Watch)

Friday (10/04), 20h – Marcos and Belutti (Watch)
Friday (10/04), 20h – KLB (Watch)

Saturday (11/04), 16h – Matheus & Kauan (Watch)
Saturday (11/04), 16h – Léo & Raphael (Watch)
Saturday (11/04), 17h – Dennis Dj (Watch)
Saturday (11/04), 17h – Chitãozinho & Xororó (Project So + Mos Música) (Watch)
Saturday (11/04), 17h – Round Skirt (Watch)
Saturday (11/04), 17h – Jads & Jadson (Watch)
Saturday (11/04), 18:10 – Tony Garrido (Project So + Mos Música) (Watch)
Saturday (11/04), 20h – Gusttavo Lima (Watch)
Understand the controversy involving that of Gusttavo Lima, Ambev and Conar.
Saturday (11/04), 00h – Valesca Popozuda (Watch)

Sunday (12/04), 14h – Michel Teló (Watch)
Sunday (12/04), 3pm – Marcelo Falcão, Ludmilla, Xand Avião, Jorge & Mateus, Léo Santana, Dennis DJ, Pedro Sampaio, Alok, Bhaskar, Kvsh, Catdealers, Dubdogz, Giulia Be, Xanddy Harmonia and Wesley Safadão (Festival Hunger for Music) (Watch)
Sunday (12/04), 16h – Pagode Class (Watch)
Sunday (12/04), 17h – Maneva (Project So + Mos Música) (Watch)
Sunday (12/04), 18h – Zé Neto and Cristiano (Watch)
Sunday (12/04), 18h10 – Sambô (So + Mos Music Project) (Watch)

Wednesday (04/15), 9:30 pm – Revelation Group (Watch)

Thursday (04/16), 8 pm – Gabriel Diniz | GD at Home Special – It is not, but it could be (Watch)
Thursday (4/16), 8:30 pm – Cesar Menotti and Fabiano (Watch)

Friday (04/17), 19h – Marília Mendonça, Zé Neto and Cristiano, Léo Santana, Maiara and Maraísa, Dilsinho, João Neto and Frederico, Luíza and Maurílio, Diego and Victor Hugo and Paulo & Nathan | Work Show Live (Watch)

Saturday (18/04), 16h – Alexandre Pires (Watch)
Saturday (04/18), 8 pm – Wesley Safadão | DVD recording (Watch)
Saturday (4/18), 9 pm – Lady Gaga, Alanis Morissette, Andrea Bocelli, Billie Eilish, Billie Joe Armstrong, Burna Boy, Chris Martin, David Beckham, Eddie Vedder, Elton John, FINNEAS, Idris and Sabrina Elba, J Balvin, John Legend, Kacey Musgraves, Keith Urban, Kerry Washington, Lang Lang, Lizzo, Maluma, Paul McCartney, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Shah Rukh Khan and Stevie Wonder | Project (Watch)
Saturday (18/04), 17h – Fernando and Sorocaba (Watch)

Sunday (19/04), 16h – Rust (Watch)
Sunday (19/04), 18h – Henrique and Juliano (Watch)
Sunday (19/04), 19:45 – Roberto Carlos (Watch)

Monday (4/20), 8 pm – Chitãozinho and Xororó, Leonardo, Zezé de Camargo and Luciano (VillaMix at Home Festival / Show Friends)
Monday (4/20), 8 pm – Pixote Group
Monday (20/04), 21h – João Bosco and Vinícius

Tuesday (04/21), 5:30 pm – Black Race
Tuesday (04/21), 8 pm – Sandy and Junior

Wednesday (04/22), 19h – Belo
Wednesday (04/22), 8pm – Joelma

Thursday (23/04), 18h – Thiaguinho

Friday (24/04), 18h – Ludmilla
Friday (24/04), 21h00 – Simone e Simaria
Friday (04/24), 10:30 pm – Felipe Araújo

Saturday (25/04), 15h – Sorriso Maroto
Saturday (04/25), 16h – Rick and Renner
Saturday (04/25), 5 pm – Bell Marques
Saturday (04/25), 5 pm – Hugo and Guilherme
Saturday (25/04), 20h – Gustavo Mioto

Sunday (26/04), 16h – Mumuzinho
Sunday (26/04), 18h – Luan Santana

Monday (27/04), 20h – Thiago Martins

Tuesday (04/28), 8pm – Jeito Moleque

Thursday (04/30), 8pm – Black Panties
Thursday (4/30), 9 pm – Matheus and Kauan

of the month of may

THE schedule of the month of May has started to be released. The singer Leonardo will join Eduardo Costa in which it will be shown on the first day of May. The duo Jorge e Mateus has already announced that his second live will be on May 2nd, the same day as the second of singer Xand Avião.

The singer Dilsinho changed the date of his, which would be 04/21, at 7 pm, to 04/05, at 7:30 pm, so that it did not conflict with that of the duo Sandy and Junior.