Grimm to win spin-off with female lead


The WWrap published that the series Grimm is about to win a spin-off by NBC, the focus will be a female character. Melissa Glenn, who worked on Iron Fist, will produce and write the spin-off script. The co-creators of the original series will be consultants.

“Based on the mythology of the original series, the new program will feature fan-favorite characters while introducing new characters, dangers and new epic mysteries.”

Grimm had 6 seasons and was a huge success. The original series had several sensational women. You certainly must know the stories of the Grimms brothers, but the fairy tale stories are not as sweet and full of happy endings as we know. The monsters that terrify children in the stories are real, and the evil wolf actually devours the little hat.

In the original series, Nick Burkhardt is a police investigator who discovers his family’s legacy. He is part of the lineage of the Grimm, who are able to see the true shape of these creatures and the only ones capable of preventing them from doing evil.

Take the opportunity to check out the trailer for the first season of Grimm:

If you haven’t seen the series, all seasons are available on Netflix.

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By Milena Costa