Grey’s Anatomy character has been isolated on suspicion of coronavirus

Grey’s Anatomy character has been isolated on suspicion of coronavirus

Grey’s Anatomy has become one of the most popular medical series on television and one of the episodes of its 12th season portrayed one of the characters in isolation due to the coronavirus, whose current pandemic has stopped the planet.

In this chapter in question, called “Walking Tall” and aired in October 2015, doctor April Kepner returns to Seattle after traveling to Jordan. Before wearing her surgeon outfit, the Arizona character noticed some red spots on her friend’s back.

April had already reported that she had a fever and a cough. So Arizona covered her face, summoned Chief Miranda Bailey, and soon put April in isolation in a special room.

April’s husband Jackson arrives and discusses with Miranda and Arizona what may have happened to his wife.

After the chances of anthrax being ruled out, Jackson himself says: “Someone mentioned MERS” in the original audio, while the dubbed version chose “Someone mentioned coronavirus?”

MERS is the acronym used for Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, which appeared in 2012 and is also caused by a different type of coronavirus. It raised concerns among health officials, but a pandemic was never declared.

It is worth remembering that Jordan, the country April visited in Grey’s Anatomy, is in the Middle East, where MERS has spread.

Luckily for the character, it was no big deal: the exams ruled out MERS and April had only one contact dermatitis (inflammation of the skin). She was soon discharged.

Grey’s Anatomy is in its 16th season, but like other series, its work was interrupted due to the current coronavirus pandemic.