‘Grey’s Anatomy’: 5 cases that were inspired by real stories

‘Grey’s Anatomy’: 5 cases that were inspired by real stories

Who watches , you know that, at times, there is a curiosity in knowing more about the cases presented in the series, especially because many are bizarre!

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So, I separated 5 cases that were inspired by real stories. Check out:

The Tree Man (3 × 7)

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An HPV patient, the “Tree Man”, as he is called, seeks help at the hospital after his illness has developed strongly. This episode was based on the case of the Indian man, who has this disease, which is a variation of the HPV virus.

He suffered a deep cut on his knee still in his adolescence, warts appeared at the cut site and, over time, he took all the ends of his body like tree branches.

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Megan: the little girl insensitive to pain (3 × 3)

Abigail Breslin in Grey's Anatomy

Actress Abigail Breslin participated in playing the little girl Megan, who presented the case of Congenital Insensitivity to Pain and Anhidrosis (ICDA). With a deep bruise on her leg, she doesn’t cry and doesn’t even feel uncomfortable.

Megan says to the doctors, “I’m a superhero.” This condition presented in the episode is very real, in which the person is totally insensitive to pain and, therefore, does not know how to identify symptoms of other diseases. It affects less than 300 people worldwide.

The heartless teenager (6 × 10)

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In the Valentine’s Day episode, a young woman, played by Danielle Panabaker, manages to live for days without a heart, with only one machine pumping her blood. She finally receives a new heart and promises to start a new life with her beloved.

In real life, a 14-year-old American teenager, D’Zhana Simmons, waited for a heart for transplantation for 118 days thanks to the artificial pumping device, before undergoing her second transplant.

Meredith Gray’s Great Innovation: Mini Livers (14 × 22)

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The great mini-livers project created by Meredith, which leads her to win the dreamed Harper Avery award in the series, was inspired by research by the academic of the University of Pittsburgh’s Institute of Regenerative Medicine, Dr. Eric Lagasses.

It is a new technique with stem cells that can increase the chances of patients receiving a liver transplant.

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April and Jackson’s baby illness (11 × 11)

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In this episode, the couple April and Jackson discover that their baby has a rare condition: osteogenesis imperfecta, caused by defective genes that affect the way the body produces collagen, a protein that helps strengthen bones.

The actress Sarah Drew who suggested to the series director, after being based on a couple of friends. In reality, this condition can be mild, with only a few fractures during the affected person’s life. In more severe cases, it can involve hundreds of fractures that occur for no apparent reason.