Green Lantern and Planet of the Apes will crossover in the comics

Green Lantern and Planet of the Apes will crossover in the comics

American publishers DC Comics and Boom! Studios came together again to publicize the launch of a new crossover among their publications. This time the Green Lanterns and Planet of the Apes will be in the comics.

The crossover will be launched in a mini-series format and will feature six editions that began to be launched in the USA in February 2017. There is still no forecast for publication of the crossover in Brazil.

The synopsis released by the publishers reveals that Cornelius (primate), will discover an ancient ring that will have its power revealed along with an important secret that will put Hal Jordan and his allies in a battle for the universe against Sinestro, who will tirelessly seek this power. The miniseries will feature a script by Robbie Thompson and Justin Jordan, with art by Barnaby Bagenda.

The first images of the publication were released by the publishers:



Recently in partnership with the publisher IDW, Boom! Studios launched the crossover that marked Star Trek’s encounter with the franchise. In the crossover, Captain Kirk will assist Dr. Zaius’s orangutans after the threat of a renegade gorilla general to take over Monkey City. Star Trek to the Planet of the Apes was released in the US in mid-2015 and featured a script by Scott and David Tipton and art by Rachael Stott.

During the DC Comics reboot in 2016, the Lanterna Verde magazine underwent some changes, starring a woman and a Muslim. Launched in June of the same year, Green Lanterns magazine featured scripts by Sam Humphries and art by Robson Rocha and Ardian Syaf, in which Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz are the new Green Lanterns on Earth, both characters already known to the publisher’s readers.

DC, in partnership with Warner, is preparing a film focused on the Green Lantern Corps with a premiere scheduled for July 2020, the film will try to overcome the film fiasco produced in 2011 and starring Ryan Reynolds.