Great clips that turn 10 in 2020

Great clips that turn 10 in 2020

10 years ago, pop music followed a different direction. Artists like Justin Bieber, Adele and Lady Gaga were recently tasting the.

As everything changes over time, the way of making clips was also different. Usually, the clips were made with stories that even engaged the audience to discover the outcome and create theories.

So, check out great clips that marked the year 2010:

(feat. Ludacris) – Justin Bieber

Justin bieber he was still a teenager little known by the Brazilian public in 2010, but all he needed was for the artist to conquer an unparalleled audience around the world.

In, Bieber tried to win a girl during a bowling match between a group of friends, repeating a recurring formula in other teen clips, like Vanessa Hudgens’ Say So, released in 2006.

The clip also featured Drake in the cast, at the time the rapper had not yet achieved great successes in solo music.

(feat. Beyoncé) – Lady Gaga

In, Gaga delivered everything needed for a historical clip: memorable visuals, instigating plot, and the big catchphrase said by Beyoncé: “You’ve been a very bad girl, a very very bad bad girl, Gaga” (“You she has been a very bad girl, a very very bad girl, Gaga ”, in Portuguese translation).

The clip shows Gaga getting out of prison and being rescued by Beyoncé. Shortly after leaving, Gaga and Beyoncé go to a cafeteria and kill several poisoned customers.

At the end, a sign with “To be continued…” appears (“Continua”, in Portuguese translation) stamped. Expectations and memes have been created for years over a possible second part of. For now, we are still waiting.

(feat. Drake) – Rihanna

, one of the singles on Rihanna’s album, started a great professional relationship between the singer and Drake. In the clip, Rihanna appears with her iconic red hair in a supermarket, where she ends up meeting Drake and starting a relationship.

Still in that year, Rihanna yielded major audiovisual projects like, and the partnership with Eminem,.

The Only Exception – Paramore

In the clip that became known as Hayley Williams lying on Valentine’s Day cards, a big storyline about love is raised. The lead singer of Paramore plays a young woman in doubt in the face of a relationship, driven by insecurities in her personal relationships after her parents’ separation.

Hayley walks through several rooms in the clip, meets several boys, but, after remembering the show where she met her boyfriend, decides that he is the one to be with.

It is also worth mentioning the visuals of Hayley in the clip, since one of his hair was fashionable among emos.

Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) – Shakira

Shakira was able to bring together great scenes from the history of football, historical choreography and leading players in the 2010 World Cup, all bringing together great aspects of South African and African culture in general.

Today, due to the union of such strong points in the construction of Waka Waka, music has established itself as one of the greatest ever made for a World Cup, if not the greatest.