Good Omens creator says petition to cancel series was “the best thing in the world”

Good Omens creator says petition to cancel series was

Good Omens creator says petition to cancel series was
Photo: Disclosure / Amazon Prime Video

The Good Omens series, although highly praised by the general public, received criticism from religious groups for satirizing biblical events, and even a petition calling for its cancellation was created.

With more than 20,000 signatures registered, the petition gained a comical air when it presented a glaring error, asking Netflix to cancel Good Omens, while the series is one of Amazon Prime Video, its competitor.

Neil Gailman, creator of the series and author of the book that gave rise to the episodes, took a stand on the disastrous petition in a recent interview with the Radio Times. He says:

“I would really like to send a box of chocolates to whoever organized it – they would probably think I was being sarcastic, but it was the best thing in the world.

This demonstrated that people who sign petitions to cancel sequel programs watch these series. If anyone involved in this petition had seen Good Omens, they would know how silly their petition was, but they would also know it was from Amazon Prime!

But what it did for us was to become the most amazing and effective promotional tool I could imagine, because all over the world where they have the kind of news that asks questions about what’s in the papers, there would be a question about Good Omens, who would mention that it was an Amazon Prime show and told people that the series existed where they can watch it.

I honestly thought it was very wonderful. And the truth is, if anyone is really going to create a petition because Frances McDormand made the voice of God, or because Adam and Eve are black, I think that says more about the people who are requesting their cancellation than about the series. “

From the beginning, the series was not expected to have a second season.

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