‘Good Girls’ and other 5 series get Netflix debut date

netflix series releases

The new episodes of some of the most popular series in the Netflix already have a date to arrive on the platform. This is the case of the fifth season of and the third of . Unpublished series will also be released next month, as and . Check out the full list below.

netflix series releases

Series that already have a date to arrive on Netflix

– Part 2 of season 5

Opening July 3.
In Madrid in the 1920s, four friends are experiencing the revolution of customs by entering the workforce and dealing with dating and friendships away from home.

the netflix switchboard operators

– Season 1

Opening July 3.
The classic horror franchise “Ju-On” was based on real events that plagued four generations. Get ready: the truth is even more terrifying than fiction!

netflix scream series

– Season 5

Opening July 6.
After swearing that she would remain a virgin until the wedding, Jane Villanueva becomes pregnant due to a medical error. Time to review plans for the future.

Jane the virgin netflix

– Season 3

Opening on July 26.
Three quiet housewives rob the local supermarket to get out of the hole and gain independence.

good girls netflix

– Season 1

Opening July 31.
In this reinterpretation of the legend of King Arthur, the teenager Nimue joins the mercenary Arthur on a mission to find Merlin and deliver an ancient sword.

new series with Katherine Langford

– Season 2

Opening July 31.
With the death of their father, brothers with extraordinary powers are reunited and discover surprising family secrets – in addition to an imminent threat to humanity.

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