Golden Globe 2020: check out the most extravagant dresses at the awards

Golden Globe 2020: check out the most extravagant dresses at the awards

In addition to curiosity about the award winners, another moment that generates speculation is the models of the famous.

Therefore, we selected some of the most extravagant dresses at the Golden Globe 2020. Check out:

Joey King

Acclaimed by young audiences for Netflix’s original movie, The Kissing Booth, Joey King gained prominence in the ceremony for its modelito.

More than that, the actress shows that her artistic potential has no limit, since she competes for a Golden Globe so young.

Thus, King competes in the category of for his dedication to The Act.

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Jodie Eating

Since one of the bets for summer 2020 is green, Jodie Eating followed the trend.

In addition, the actress competes for the category for her role in Killing Eve at the awards.

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Lucy Boynton

The actress born in the United States arrived on the red carpet very well accompanied by Rami Malek and with a flashy look.

More than that, Boynton gave himself up to silver and could not fail to be noticed at the awards for his exotic outfit.

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Jennifer Lopez

J. Lo he showed at the awards that he does not just destroy his musical career, but also his acting. Thus, competing as for its role in The Scammers.

In addition, when it comes to attracting attention, the singer and actress receives prominence in relation to her look too.

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Kerry Washington

With a look worked in slits and sparkles, the presenter Kerry Washington was highlighted.

After all, the Washington model can hardly be forgotten by the public.

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Scarlett Johansson

Although it looks like a basic dress because it is plain, the Scarlett Johansson there is nothing simple.

Through a marked neckline on her breasts and swollen fabric around her hips, the actress walks the red carpet.

More than the flashy look, Johansson is one of the most considered to take the prize for Story of a Wedding.

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Gwyneth Paltrow

In addition to presenter, Gwyneth Paltrow is part of the cast of the series The Politician, indicated as.

With a dress composed of transparency and ruffles, the actress walks the carpet at the Golden Globe 2020.

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Shailene Woodley

Brightness and slit is definitely one of the favorite combinations among the famous. Thus, Shailene Woodley couldn’t be left out.

In fact, the actress is part of the cast of Big Little Lies, a series nominated for 3 categories of the award.

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The queen of pop today could not go unnoticed and did not.

Beside her husband, Jay-Z, Beyoncé bet on a black dress, but nothing basic.

In order to highlight the look, the sleeves and the neck part were filled with golden color, resembling gold.

Beyoncé Golden Globes 2020

Paris Hilton

If the trends are transparency, brightness and crack, Paris Hilton makes a point of joining all the fashions in a single outfit.

So, as always, Hilton stands out for its flashy and flamboyant look.

Paris Hilton Golden Globes 2020