‘Glow Up’: The Netflix series for those who like makeup

‘Glow Up’: The Netflix series for those who like makeup

is a series of Netflix, launched on the platform in 2019. She is a Briton, presented by journalist, presenter and media personality Stacey Dooley, and has jurors Val Garland, from L’Oréal Paris, and Dominic Skinner, senior artist of the MAC Cosmetics brand. The series features eight chapters with varied makeup artists looking for an opportunity to enter, work and stay in the world of beauty.

For all makeup lovers, I recommend that you watch this series, as it contains the reality of a professional makeup artist and shows us many lessons in relation to this medium, however, that we can practice in our daily lives.

What caught my attention in this series was not only the works of art that everyone produced there, but the delicacy of each participant there. The program consists of eight competitors, one of whom is a colorblind person and a disabled person, which shows us that the makeup universe does not exclude anyone.

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Contrary to what we are already used to with several others, all the participants show to be very united, they cheer for each other and help each other too – and that made me extremely delighted. In a world where intrigue is something encouraged, we are faced with one that enchants only for what is produced there.

it is a result of the fact that the makeup industry has stood out so much over the past few years due to the launch of tutorials by youtubers, challenges and trends. In addition to influencers, the magazine launched, on its platform, content about basic makeup for everyday life and about more professional makeup, which generated a greater number of fans to the magical universe of makeup.

Much more than entertainment, the series instigates creativity and provokes a sincere feeling of togetherness, showing the work of these makeup artists who are also artists and proving that makeup can go beyond the ordinary and how it is increasingly present in various areas professional and personal.

Synopsis and official trailer

Novice makeup artists face challenges full of color and shine in the competition for the opportunity to pursue a career in the field.


Original title:
Duration: 364 minutes (1 season)
Launch: December 06, 2019
Distributor: Netflix
Directed by:
Classification: 14 years
Country of origin: United Kingdom