Globoplay: Movies and series for free for 30 days, check out the best

Globoplay: Movies and series for free for 30 days, check out the best

To help get through this Quarantine, some TV channels and platforms have provided some free services to those who are not subscribers. THE Globoplay is one of them.

Globoplay for free

Globoplay is the group’s service Globe and there, in addition to its own productions, there is a catalog with films and series for all tastes, catering to children and adults.

Since March 18, and for 30 days since then, the Globoplay selected some titles to offer free to non-subscribers. Check out the best there.

Best movies to watch for free on Globoplay

After the government banned the use of superpowers, Mr. Incredible, now lives a normal and peaceful life with his family. Despite being happy with his home life, the hero misses the old days, and his big chance of taking action again comes when an old enemy strikes again.

Fearing that his sick father will be called on to serve the Chinese army, Mulan disguises himself as a man and trains with his colleagues. Accompanied by her dragon Mushu, she uses her intelligence to help fight the Hun invasion and falls in love with a charming captain.

Carl Fredricksen is a balloon seller who, at the age of 78, is about to lose the house where he has always lived with his wife, the late Ellie. To prevent this from happening, he puts balloons in his house, with the aim of reaching a forest where he and Ellie have always wanted to live.

Everything is different when Carl finds out that Russel, an 8 year old boy, ended up embarking with him.

Remy resides in Paris and has a sophisticated palate. His dream is to become a cook and enjoy the various works of culinary art. The only problem is that he is a mouse.

When he finds himself in one of the finest restaurants in Paris, Remy decides to turn his dream into reality.

Thor must count on the help of his companions and even his treacherous brother, Loki, in an audacious plan to save the universe. However, Thor’s paths cross Jane Foster and this time, her life is really in danger.

Maleficent, a young woman with a pure heart, lives in a peaceful kingdom in the forest, until the day when an invading army threatens the harmony of the region, making her become the most ferocious protector in the kingdom.

However, a terrible betrayal turns her into a bitter and vindictive woman. As a consequence, he curses Aurora, his newborn daughter. But little by little, Maleficent realizes that the child is the key to peace in the kingdom and to his true happiness as well.

After the catastrophic events in New York with The Avengers, Steve Rogers continues to try to adjust to the modern world. However, when a colleague from the SHIELD agency is attacked, Steve finds himself caught in a network of intrigues that threatens to put the world at risk.

In partnership with Black Widow and Falcon, his new ally, Captain America has to face a mysterious and unexpected enemy, the Winter Soldier.

Other titles are also available

In addition to those already listed, they are also available free of charge Globoplay: , , , , , , , and much more.

For children, series currently shown on the Gloob channel were also made available on the platform. Among them,,,,, and others.

The series,,,,,,, and are some of the highlights.

The period in which the titles will be available for free on Globoplay ends on April 18th.