Globo decides to postpone end of Big Brother Brasil 2020

Big Brother Brazil 2020

Due to quarantine, to contain the spread of new coronavirus, a Globe announced yesterday (13) that the Big Brother Brazil 2020, a great source of entertainment for the population during social isolation, will be extended for another four days.

Big Brother Brazil 2020

Globo extends the duration of Big Brother Brasil 2020

The postponement of the end of Big Brother Brasil 2020 will not be communicated to the confines of the most watched house in Brazil and the new ending for the reality show is scheduled for April 27.

After a careful evaluation carried out in the last days, it was concluded that it would be possible for the team and all those involved to continue working for another four days in safety, following all the measures adopted so far in preventing Covid-19. With great care, the reality team focuses its efforts, in this moment of so many worrying news, to bring fun and joy to Brazilians.

Affirms the broadcaster’s statement sent to the press

The broadcaster did not disclose how the dynamics of the additional days of confinement will be and the participants Babu, Gizelly, Ivy, Manu, Mari, Rafa and Thelma are still in the BBB20 disputing the prize of R $ 1.5 million. This week’s wall put Gizelly, Babu and Mari Gonzalez in the spotlight, and the two main public voting spots are Gizelly and Babu.

Also according to the press release given by the broadcaster, due to the extension of BBB20, the series premiere went on to May 1 and will return on the following day, May 2.