Giant castle is the setting for Faber-Castell at CCXP 2019

Giant castle is the setting for Faber-Castell at CCXP 2019

The stand Faber Castell promises to delight the participants of CCXP 2019 (Comic Con Experience), the biggest pop culture event in the world, which takes place between days December 5th and 8th at São Paulo Expo. A giant castle, inspired by the company’s headquarters in Germany and which for years has printed the brand’s iconic colored pencil cases, will be full of launches and experiences that can result in awards.

Personalized with Famazings, superheroes created exclusively by the brand, the line items Comics were recently presented at Comic Con Germany and have just landed in Brazil. Among the novelties that will be at the stand are the Pitt Art Pens, with different tips and assortment selected especially for fans of comics; and the Pitt Mangá Art Pens, for lovers of Japanese drawing. Available in different shades, with waterproof ink and a brush tip, the pens are ideal for showing the public different techniques and the importance of the quality of an item for the result of a work.

In addition, the Faces & Colors, created to value the diversity and individuality of people, it will gain an unusual activation. In the dynamic, it will be possible to take a “selfie” on a machine that will transform it into a drawing for the participants to color their faces. At random, EcoLencil cases of 24 colors in the line will be distributed and in all, there will be more than 3 thousand prizes.

It does not stop there. The interior of the castle will be filled with pictures with illustrations and beautiful scenery. It’s the chance for Instagram lovers to update their feeds in style!

All the news mentioned will be available for experimentation and sale at the stand, so enthusiasts, hobbyists and art lovers cannot miss this opportunity to get their hands dirty.

In 2018, the festival received 262 thousand visitors, setting a record attendance and establishing itself once again as the largest pop culture festival in the world. THE CCXP it is already part of the country’s cultural calendar and this year it will take place between December 5th and 8th, at São Paulo Expo. Learn more at