Game of Thrones | 8 × 05 – The Bells

 Game of Thrones |  8 × 05 - The Bells

Fire and blood!

And that’s how game of Thrones puts his final moments in the hands of Daenerys in a rushed plot, even if it is consistent with some moments of the character. From the beginning it was known that she would have Porto Real, and she had already said that she would recover her family’s legacy even if it was with blood and fire, but the assembly of those final moments was run over.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

We don’t know how long Daenerys was isolated to think about Missandei and Rhaegal’s death, besides seeing that Cersei wouldn’t give in, and Maester Aemon, one of his last relatives alive on the Night’s Watch, made it clear that no Targaryen should be alone, because it drives him crazy, and that’s what happened. When Jon arrives, Varys has already let loose that he is Aegon, and Darnerys decided to sacrifice him for the betrayal, making it clear to Tyrion that this was also the last time he betrayed her, in addition to knowing that Sansa owes him for breaking her. the vote with Jon.

Before leaving for Porto Real, Tyrion begs her to stop hearing the bells, and she doesn’t promise him, just as Gray Worm just watches everything with hatred. Not even Jon calms her down, on the contrary, it brings more hatred and makes it clear to her that everyone fears her.

When everything seems won and the bells ring, it sets fire to everything! If it is to fear, they must have real reasons. This is complicated in the construction of the character who had been merciful to various tribes of Essos, but in Westeros she has no reason to be pious, and she is not, and that puts Jon, Davos, Tyrion and Arya focused on what to do with she.

Now the worst part.

Jamie went after Cersei, found Euron on the way and killed him, but not before he was stabbed. In the ruins of the castle they meet, when Cersei is vulnerable for losing power and her city, and alone she just wants to have his son, and there she cries. Buried the end is as bland as possible for these two.

Another problem is Jon Snow.

The character, at the center of all actions, knows only how to scream and walk from side to side. The script does not endeavor to give him a more heroic tone, leaving him as an observer and trying to mount a more centered side, in an attempt to show that he can be the king, only that he ends up showing him a banana, because even Arya, in his intense moments, does more than him.

Arya, who was supposed to kill Sandor “Hound Dog”, lets him have his revenge on Clegane “Mountain”, his brother. The two fight bravely and know that they will both die, even if Clegane is filled with hatred at being revived. Before leaving Sandor makes it clear that Arya must remain strong.

And that was it game of Thrones it leaves us nowhere to look, and we are at a loss as to what to expect from its end, even though several cliché things go through our heads. I have already imagined Daenerys turning against the north and going to kill Sansa, and being killed by Arya, Jon Snow dead, as it is not possible that he will be given the throne, which makes me think of Sansa assuming him.

Now is to see what David Benioff and DB Weiss will do with the series, because the worst has happened, it is not possible to go further down the slope. Remembering that the last 4 scripts were theirs and the direction of the final episode will also be…