Game of Thrones | 8 × 04 – The Last of the Starks

 Game of Thrones |  8 × 04 - The Last of the Starks

AND game of Thrones, after the long night, he gave us … I don’t even know what … The episode was dragged, had great dialogues, mainly by Tyrion and Varis, but something was missing for an episode of 1h27.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Jamie and Tyrion soon came face-to-face with Bronn, but Bronn once again relied on promises from the Lannisters brothers, who promise him the Jardim de Cima, but of course he would go ahead and not shoot them. But the desire is that they had taken Jamie away, because he himself showing feelings for Brienne and taking his virginity, ends up deciding to stay with Cersei and soon leaves.

And matches is what we see in the episode.

Daenerys wanted to go soon to the South and dominate Porto Real, taking off Cersei’s crown, but Jon, after hearing his family, decides that everyone should return to rest. So the Savages return to the North, and all families and armies to recover. The problem is that Daenerys wants to leave soon, even with what little is left, and that is what she does, even more knowing that Jon cares, now that he knows that she is his aunt.

Daenerys’ kingdom is threatened, everyone knows that Jon can be one that brings everyone together, but he doesn’t want to take that away from Daenerys. Only he trusts his family and Bran tells his story to Arya and Sansa, but the series unfortunately cuts off their reaction to the story, just as it cut off Daenerys’ reaction when Sansa questions her about the North …

While Jon leads the northern army, Daenerys continues with his few men to the south and there falls into an ambush by Euron, which kills Rhaegal quickly. Daenerys loses many more men, some ships and Missandei ends up being taken by the queen’s men.

The worst of the deaths ends up happening in front of Daenerys at the gates of Porto Real. Daenerys considers destroying Porto Real, but hopes that Tyrion still tries to convince his sister, Cersei to make a deal, only that she has Missandei, and even seeming to be lenient to her, ends up ordering the woman’s death. She hoped that Missandei would beg Daenerys to save her, but without shedding a tear, she made it clear that her friend would burn everything!


game of Thrones promises a lot, but this season of long episodes has delivered little, even if it pays off in the intrigues, but much is missing for the series to have an interesting ending.