Game of Thrones | 8 × 02 – A Knight of Seven Kingdom

 Game of Thrones |  8 × 02 - A Knight of Seven Kingdom

And it wasn’t this time that things got rough in game of Thrones. This 2nd episode remained the plays to be planned and the complicated reunions. Broad point for Brienne de Tarth and Gendry next to Aria.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

Jamie’s arrival was largely due to the fact that he killed Daenerys’ father, but not in an interesting way. They put him on trial and Brienne sided with him, Sansa also did so by trusting her protector, then another Lannister by her side, and knowing that Cersei has betrayed them once again and has an army with her. Only the Iron Island will be beside them, with Yara protecting the place and Theon beside the Stark.

Aria went through some complicated moments, like her conversation with Sandor “Hunting Dog”, at the same time that we have Beric at her side. I liked her playing in the face of the Dog wherever he went to get there, and his joke and Beric being on her list. But it is with the tension created between her and Gendry that it becomes more interesting, because after having her gun and talking to him who has seen death, she throws it against the wall and has a night of love before going to war, and she promises not to be Melisandre.

Gray Worm and Missandei also had a moment, as he makes it clear that he will return and take her to the beach, to leave that point, where everyone looks at them crookedly. In the same way we have Sam being told to stay with Gilly and little Sam, so first he hands his sword to Jorah, and reminds him of his father.

He expected a lot more from Jaime’s moment with Bran, and so they decided to focus on Brienne’s relationship with him, as well as bringing Tormund to spice things up between them. But Brienne had an excellent time with Tyrion, Podrick, Tormunt, Davos, because Jaime makes her an Amazon of the 7 kingdoms, placing her in her, so here we have Ser Brienne de Tarth.

Now, if we had a really weird moment between Daenerys and Sansa, where they get closer, but something gets weird between them when Sansa charges what will be done in the north when she takes over the Iron Throne, it gets even weirder when Jon tells her that he is the son of his brother, Rhaegar, making him a Targaryen man who can claim the throne.

So game of Thrones the episode ended with the arrival of the Night King’s cavalry and anything can happen from the next episode…