Game of Thrones | 8 × 01 – Winterfell

 Game of Thrones |  8 × 01 - Winterfell

And after a long wait, behold, game of Thrones finally is back !!! But without my elephants …

The series returned to finalize its plots and end the narrative started based on the books of George RR Martin, but that in reaching his publications he had to take other paths, these that David Benioff and DB Weiss had to rely on the manuscripts and ideas of the author of the work for the next books, The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring, which besides not having been launched, there is no forecast for that.

And this is where there are many complaints, because as much as we want to know how the dispute for the throne will be, which is now in the background, only with Cersei focused on it, it seems that many events are easy outings, and even “fanfics” to graduate the fans.

But it is a fact that we already want to know how things will happen, even if this episode was more focused on bringing the people together in Winterfell and showing us the paths that the war will take.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about the main events of the episode. Continue reading at your own risk.

The entire army of Daenerys arrives at Winterfell, causing strangeness in the people, who had Jon as King of the North, but Jon came kneeling to a queen that they do not support. Even Sansa is left behind with his brother’s attitudes, but welcomes them. The fact is that Daenerys and Jon are increasingly united, and leave several members of their court aside, such as Tyrion, Varys and Davos.

Daenerys and Jon are increasingly in love and making decisions that should not please everyone, but that must be made, especially with the Wall open and the Night King descending south, leaving bodies and walkers in their path. So much so that Tormund and Beric find the young man from Umber’s house dead and hanging on the wall, showing that the King is already in the region.

Other than that we had several reunions and truths being exposed, like Sansa talking to Tyrion who thought he was more intelligent, because he believes that Cersei would send the Lannisters to the North. Or even the most comical part of Jon and Daenerys “warming up” in front of the dragons.

I liked Arya’s reunion with Jon, it was a very brotherly moment and showed how sneaky the girl is in her steps. Her meeting with Gendric was also very interesting, not only because she asked him to create a weapon with Valerian steel for her, but because it had a strange and interesting atmosphere between them.

Sam making requests to Daenerys that she was satisfied with what he did for Jorah was only intense because he finally understood that the war will bring losses, but that the queen practically decimated his bloodline by killing his father and brother for rebelling against her.

This feeling of anger, added to the pressure of Bran, makes him meet in the ruins of Winterfell with Jon to tell him the discovery about his lineage. Jon is son of Rhaegar and Lyanna, being the 6th of his name, and thus nephew of Daenerys. I still want to see how this will unfold, because now he is raised as a legitimate King …

The last moment of the episode was Jaime’s arrival alone in Winterfell and running into Bran in his wheelchair…. I want to see if there will be a sincere conversation between them, and how he will get out of it.

In Porto Real we have the arrival of Euron and the Golden Company to help Cersei, but without the elephants she wanted. There are more than 20 thousand men, and with Yara in the dungeon to prevent the people of the Iron Island from rebelling against him. Only Theon finally shows that he has fiber and rescues his sister, so that she can correct the mistakes on the Iron Island, while he fights for the land in the north beside Jon.

Euron had some very interesting moments with Cersei, showing that he thinks he tames her, while she has fun with his impetuous way. Wyburn, the Queen’s Hand, outlines her plans well, but nothing is shown further that they have no details of what happens in the north, as they decide not to act against the Night King, not at the moment. The question that remains is how far Bronn will go for power, since he was Tyrion’s companion, and now has a mission to kill both his friend and Jaime with a harpoon, just as Tywin was killed by his son.

game of Thrones he returned drawing his plots and placing his pieces on the board. Nothing more than that was shown right, but there is no way not to be anxious to understand each move of this outcome.