Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins amaze journalists at a Wonder Woman 1984 press conference

Gal Gadot and Patty Jenkins amaze journalists at a Wonder Woman 1984 press conference

Like a little bit of the heating panel Wonder Woman 1984 that happens today in CCXP 19, Patty Jekins and Gal Gadot shone at the press conference that the Warner Bros had scheduled for today (8).

Gadot and Jenkins answered numerous questions about the project and the uncertainties of some characters on the scene, but above all, they reinforced how passionate they are about the work they are doing.

When asked about the 1984 development, Jenkins stated that she started thinking about the story halfway through the production of the first feature, how to set the film and even bring Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) back.

Regarding the change of tone, leaving the shadows of the 1st war and going to the electrifying and colorful 1980s, Gadot says that the sets are wonderful and that it was as if he were back in time, things are so incredible.

And this change of so many years alone, left Diana lonely, more involved with the things of men, but still alone and having to work in the shadows.

During a press conference @GalGadot he commented that Diana will be even more alone, even if involved in the world of men, and will be working in the shadows # mm84

– Dan Artimos (@DanArtimos) December 8, 2019

Gadot also stressed how important it is for her to be in that Wonder Woman position in the moment that the world lives, and that in the film it was not Gal Gadot, but the little girl who had never seen something like this and it’s great to do that now as a woman strong and independent.

For Jenkins there was not so much evidence, because everything has changed a lot, and that she has always seen superheroes as metaphors for all of us and that their diversity is important, as there are superheroes for all types of people.

Being a big fan and combining that with what she does, made Jenkins think about the stories and how to tell it, but I wanted to go further, since Wonder Woman is such an incredible character and with such great and different stories.

Wonder Woman will not carry any weapons. She will abandon the sword and the need to use the shield, after all she is a goddess isn’t she? # FemaleMaravilha1984

– @mpmorales (@mpmorales) December 8, 2019

Jenkins points out that there are many things in common in this film with the first, even with the most vibrant tone, but what is interesting are the great villains.

The surprise was to see Jenkins confirming that there will be a feature film about the Amazons, that she is already working on it, but will not be its director. Furthermore, for her Wonder Woman it was seen as a trilogy, almost confirming a new feature.

The film is based on the DC character created by William Moulton Marston. The script for the feature is signed by Jenkins, along with Geoff Johns and Dave Callahem.

Wonder Woman 1984 hits theaters in June 2020.