Gabi Brandt and Saulo Poncio: check out the latest news of the case

Gabi Brandt and Saulo Poncio: check out the latest news of the case

Saulo Poncio got involved in yet another controversy. In the early hours of last Friday (03) a video started circulating on the networks in which Saulo would be speaking by the ear of a brunette in a club in Buzios, Rio de Janeiro. Saulo’s ‘silly hand’ on the woman was the most talked about.

It wouldn’t be the first time Saulo would have betrayed Gabi. In August 2019, a video that would have images of the members of the double UM44K, Saulo and Luan, supposedly going to spend the night with two girls in a hotel, was leaked by the receptionist. At the time, Gabi Brandt did not seem to give importance to the episode and normally followed her relationship with Saulo.

Repercussion of the case

Now, the video of Saulo in Buzios it seems to have had more repercussions inside and outside the Poncio family. Saulo even did one in the Instagram, talking about what happened.

I got home and I believe that things already come to your understanding. I don’t judge you, I don’t judge the crowd, no, for drawing conclusions, because lack of information generates that.

Saulo said on live on Instagram.

Saulo also said that he was finding it very good to have so many followers, and took the opportunity to promote his new song. . ” Check out everything the singer said:

The Poncio family

Na, Saulo’s mother, Simone Poncio, came to comment with a crying. Saulo’s father, pastor Márcio Poncio, published an apology for his son’s behavior.

It turns out that as we are a family, what happens to one, everyone here at home is sorry. So I can only apologize to millions, billions of apologies to everyone for my son Saul’s bad behavior. I think he went overboard.

The pastor wrote on his Instagram.

The patriarch still made harsh criticisms of his son saying:. After a while, the pastor deleted it and Saulo deleted the one he did.

Gabi Brandt

Meanwhile, Gabi Brandt has disabled comments on his photos and his last post is from his son Davi, in the pool. She was also seen with her son and nanny in a church.

Speaking of babysitting, after some followers demanded a placement, Solemn Angelo he vented through his Instagram, saying he had “nothing to do with the bosses’ lives”.

On Saturday (04), pastor Márcio and his wife Simone were seen in a store in Angra dos Reis, in Rio de Janeiro. According to whoever was there, the couple talked about Gabi leaving for São Paulo, and that this attitude “was going to be a good thing to say”.

It remains to be seen whether this is true, or whether Gabi will forgive Saulo’s attitudes once again.