Gabi Brandt and Saulo P么ncio are officially separated

Gabi Brandt and Saulo P么ncio are officially separated

Gabi Brandt and Saul Pontius are officially separated. The information was revealed through the singer鈥檚 father, the pastor Marcio P么ncio, who would have contacted a gossip person to comment on the case. M谩rcio would have described Saulo as someone who 鈥渋s a little lost鈥.

Now, separately, the digital and the vocalist of the band UM44k seem to be following really different paths. Gabi Brandt would have continued to live in the P么ncio mansion in Barra da Tijuca, west zone of Rio de Janeiro, while the singer would have moved to an apartment in the same neighborhood.

The decision of Gabi to stay in the house and Saulo to move would have come from the singer鈥檚 parents and everything would aim at the well-being of the couple鈥檚 son, Davi, since it is the environment where the child has been accustomed since his birth and also because of the fact of Gabi鈥檚 family living in the interior of S茫o Paulo.

However, according to some people close to the family, the influencer still seems to want reconciliation, as Gabi continues to wear her wedding ring, but Saulo does not.

According to a friend of Gabi Brandt:

She keeps going to the mountain to pray. Unfortunately he has not yet woken up and digested that Saulo wants to be silly.

Check below the pronouncement of M谩rcio P么ncio to that of gossip Gossip of the Day:

Currently, Gabi Brandt is much more than the mother of Saulo鈥檚 son or daughter-in-law to the singer鈥檚 parents, the influencer has assets and business with the family, like a hamburger shop, valued at R $ 500 thousand reais, which her sister-in-law Sarah has as partner, and a mansion under construction, where the whole family would move.

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