FX boss says Atlanta season 3 has been postponed!

FX boss says Atlanta season 3 has been postponed!

After being renewed last year, and being a constant presence in the awards seasons, it seems that fans of Atlanta will have to wait a little longer to watch the new episodes of the comedy starring Donald Glover.

During the channel panel FX, today (4) at TCA, the boss of the channel, announced that the new year does not arrive until at least September in the network of the station.

John Landgraf, claims that Glover’s tight schedule and some personal problems prevented production from returning at the expected time.

Brian Tyree Henry was also busy with recordings of the new Killer toy, The Woman in the Window and Superintelligence, upcoming films that the actor participates and that arrive now in 2019.

And the actress Zazie Beetz participates in the film Joker for Warner Bros.

The second year had the title of Atlanta: Robbin ‘Season, where we saw the characters of Earn (Donald Glover) and Alfred, the rapper Paper Boi (Brian Tyree Henry) turned around at the time of the year in the city Atlanta known as the time of thefts.

The series portrayed the period between Christmas and New Year when there is a lot of money going on in the city and people want to buy their holiday gifts. In these months, people are also tense and desperate, which makes the crime rate increase, which served as a nice parallel in the lives of the characters.

For the third season the return of the actors is also expected Lakeith Lee Stanfield and Zazie Beetz.

The first two seasons of Atlanta are available on the Fox App.

* With information from the Deadline website.