Future son of Superman and Wonder Woman is revealed

Future son of Superman and Wonder Woman is revealed

The overwhelming majority of fans have already imagined a scenario where their favorite heroes end up having a child. Undoubtedly, one of the most common stories would be one where Superman and Wonder Woman end up together in some way, contrary to all expectations. To finally realize the childhood dream of several geeks, this is exactly what happened in the new Justice League magazine # 26!

Spoilers warning to follow!

Interesting questions like, “what would be their powers”, or “how did they get together” have always been on the mind of those who follow the comics. The new edition answers some of these questions, showing not only the son among the two greatest heroes of the Justice League, but also the children of other equally iconic characters, such as Flash, Green Lantern and even Aquaman.

The good news is that all of these characters are new heroes, following in their parents’ footsteps and struggling to build a new future for the League. The bad news is that the future turned out to be something not so bright and the descendants of the group had to go back in time to seek help from their parents, trying to solve a terrible problem created by them.

Check out the image of the son of Superman and Wonder Woman:


Using time travel to solve problems is a common response within comics. In the case of the new story, a series of terrible events ended up creating a catastrophic future: Aquaman was corrupted and stole Cyborg’s body to stay alive. After that, Mount Olympus returned to Earth, in the middle of New York City and the gods of Olympus had their powers stolen by the maniacal villain called “Sovereign” (Sovereign).

The writer of the new magazine, Bryan Hitch, and the artists Oclair Albert and Fernando Pasarin should tell us a little more about this confrontation soon, in the next editions. But before reaching that point, we had the opportunity to meet several of the children of the Justice League characters.

It is really difficult to know if these new heroes will continue to play a relevant role after the end of this arc, but it is undoubtedly a curious and interesting situation, which may even have consequences for the current Cinematographic Universes.