Funko launches breakfast cereal line with gifts

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It was recently revealed by Funko itself that the company specializing in collectible items will soon be launching its own brand of breakfast cereals.

In addition to the appetizers of different colors and flavors, which bear the name of FunkO’s, the boxes will accompany mini POP dolls of the respective character in the box. Among the first to be sold, as shown above, we will have Freddy Krueger, Jason, Megaman, Cuphead, Smeagle and Freddy, the Funko mascot.

Not only that, the product still promises that, when adding milk, it will change color to that of the cereal – in the case of Gollum, for example, to green.

A spoiler of the launch had already been given in the documentary film recently released by Netflix, which showed some boxes of other characters even before its official announcement, as can be seen in the image below:

Thus, one can already expect, for example, launches of exclusive cereals from Elvira, Batman, Captain Cave and Pennywise, for example, although their names have not yet been announced by Funko in cereal promotions.

The cereal will hit US markets later this month, but they won’t find all options in one place, since each character will be sold in a different store – as will their exclusive dolls.

There is no forecast for the sale of FunkO’s in Brazil.