Fruits Basket is Editora JBC’s second kanzeban

Fruits Basket is Editora JBC's second kanzeban

One of the big hits of the manga is back in style. After The Knights of the Zodiac, Fruits Basket will be the second kanzenban that Publisher JBC will launch in Brazil.

The new version of Furuba, as it is affectionately called by fans of the work, will have a total of 12 volumes, following the pattern of its Japanese edition. As it is a luxurious Collector’s Edition, the kazenban will have unpublished covers, color pages, differentiated format and other details that will soon be released. The maximum work of mangaka Natsuki Takaya it will also be part of JBC’s new publishing system, divided into seasons with the release of two to four volumes simultaneously.

Furuba was released in Brazil for the first time in 2005. At the time, the captivating story of Tohru, Yuki and Kyo was the second manga in tankobon format released in the country by the publisher (the first was X, by CLAMP) and had a total of 23 volumes . The work marked an epoch and won the hearts of readers who fell in love with the story of the orphaned schoolgirl who is received by a somewhat eccentric and mysterious family.

About History

Fruits Basket is the name of a very popular game in Japan, in which the name of a fruit is assigned to each participant who, with this, must find his match. But in Furuba, there are no fruits, but the mysterious and reserved members of the Souma family who carry a kind of curse that prevents them from having any physical contact with people of the opposite sex.

Tohru Honda is a young high school student who found herself alone in the world after her mother died. With no home and no one to support her, she ends up meeting the boys of the Souma family. After approaching them, the confused young woman begins to unravel their relationship involving the secret of the 12 signs of the Chinese Horoscope.

At the same time that romance and fiction mix, Tohru is gradually conquering the Honda and discovering their eccentricities and initiating an intense love triangle.