From prisoner Zulema to Inspector Sierra: Who is Najwa Nimri?

From prisoner Zulema to Inspector Sierra: Who is Najwa Nimri?

You can know her as a prisoner rebel, as a determined and ruthless Inspector or even as a singer, in real life. Regardless of your job, one thing is certain: Najwa Nimri captivates everyone’s heart and it is impossible not to get involved with your characters, be it for love or hate.

Najwa Nimri

Najwa Nimri Urrutikoetxea is 48 years old, is a singer, songwriter and actress, daughter of a Spanish mother and Jordanian father. Born in Pamplona, ​​Spain, she has a diverse career and career both as a singer and as an actress.

In the song

Najwa’s participation in the musical universe took place even before her main works as an actress, with participation in small groups. From these first projects, she joins the DJ and producer Carlos Jean and officially the Najwajean duo is born in 1996, through which she makes her first album releases. The first of the duo is, launched in 1998.

Together, the artist launches solo productions like Najwa, with varied styles and rhythms that reflect her most different sides. After going through a period of 4 years without releases as much as Najwajean as in solo projects, the artist returns in July 2019 with the single. After that, Najwa released his new album in February of that year, among which the song stood out.


Despite all the recognition and success as a singer, certainly Najwa Nimri’s biggest stakes are as an actress in films and, mainly, series.

His first work was in 1995, at the age of 23, in the film by Daniel Calparsoro,. In the production, she plays the role of Alex, a 20 year old girl who, to support her family, gets involved in drug trafficking and arms smuggling, always immersed in a routine of violence with her group of traffickers.

After being a protagonist in such a production, Nimri performs numerous other works in films, such as in 1998, in 2010 and, recently, in 2018, he plays Macarena in (opposite with Ursula Corberó, the Tokyo actress in) and Lila’s award-winning role in

Together, her leading role in TV series came in 2015, with her debut as the prisoner Zulema Zahir in Spanish production

zulema zahir in Vis a Vis

In the environment of the Cruz Del Sur women’s penitentiary, Zulema is the most feared, able to do anything in her schemes to try to free herself, nurturing a fluid feeling between the love and hatred for the character by the fans of the series. With this role, Najwa Nimri greatly boosted her career and became the world-famous actress she is today.

With the last season aired in 2019, the artist finalizes the role of Zulema in line with the birth of the personality of Alicia Sierra, inserted in the third part of .

Inspector Alicia Sierra La Casa de Papel

If the prisoner was already causing intrigue and controversial feelings among fans, the actress managed to incorporate even more the essence of antagonist in the role as the Inspector, a kind of villain and great obstacle in the execution of the assault plan of the Teacher (Alvaro Morte) to the Bank of Spain.

In the production, you can also see her participation as a singer during the credits of the last episode of the fourth season, which ends with her version of the Italian song.

Among Najwa’s most recent works, we highlight his participation in the recently launched part 4 of, as Inspector Sierra, and in, again as Zulema, which will be launched in April. In addition, you can also find her active on Instagram as @najwanimri and follow her on her other social networks.