Friends: Courteney Cox convinced the cast to participate in the reunion episode

Friends Monica

Friends Monica
Photo: Disclosure / Warner Media

Although Friends does not have a single protagonist, but six, the leadership of character Monica has always been very clear for fans of the series, and it seems that things work like that also behind the scenes.

Bob Greenblatt, president of Warner Media, said in a recent interview with Variety that it was Courteney Cox, Monica Geller’s performer, who convinced the rest of the cast to participate in the special reunion episode, which was asked by fans for many years and that finally is happening.

According to the website, Courteney invited the five castmates to a meeting dinner that took place at their beach house in Malibu on October 5, 2019, and yielded that selfie that drove fans crazy.

Remember the image:

Friends: Courteney Cox convinced the cast to participate in the reunion episode
Photo: Instagram / jenniferaniston

More than food and good conversation, dinner provided the opportunity to negotiate the official reunion with a new episode of Friends, and as far as we know, everything went very well.

The episode would be filmed in April 2020 and would follow the premiere of the HBO Max platform, scheduled for the month of May. However, the COVID-19 pandemic took everyone by surprise and prevented the timetable from going as planned.

According to official reports, the platform will still be launched this month, although its date is still a secret.

However, the episode that would bring together Courteney Cox, Jennifer Aniston, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer has yet to be filmed, awaiting new recommendations from the World Health Organization to ensure the safety not only of the stars, but of all team.

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