Free GTA V has helped Epic Games fight Steam

Free GTA V has helped Epic Games fight Steam

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Steam has developed an extremely strong position in the industry. When the new Epic Games gaming platform debuted on the market, it was clear that he would not be able to quickly catch up with his competitor and fight an equal fight with him. However, as it turned out, the free distribution program worked wonders. Fortnite’s developers have gathered a million players around themselves through The Vault’s marketing campaign.

The Vault campaign was launched on May 14, and its goal was simple – to tempt a wide audience with high-quality freewaves. This movement was supposed to convince those who have so far celebrated the Epic Games Store to the platform. And thanks to including such hot titles as Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, Civilization VI and Grand Theft Auto V in the marketing campaign, millions of customers thirsty for free games came to the store. The action was so popular that when the servers were made available, they could not withstand the pressure of users, which made the store’s website unavailable for many hours.

Epic Games certainly paid a lot for making such good games for free, even if they are a few years old and the most die-hard players have already bought them. But it was worth the expense. Thanks to The Vault campaign, the Epic Games Store ended May with a phenomenal result: on average, 13 million players used the platform in recent weeks and the number of active monthly users jumped to 61 million.

This, of course, is far from what the Valve platform can boast of – Steam uses an average of 24.5 million users at its peak, and the number of active players over the past year reached 95 million – but Epic is gradually catching up to its main competitor. Steve Allison, chief manager of the Epic Games Store, admitted that the course of The Vault has exceeded the company’s wildest expectations, thanks to which the corporation will record historical growth in 2020.

If subsequent marketing campaigns enjoy equally high popularity, the Epic Games platform will eventually catch up with the distance that separates it from Steam.