Frankly in Love: book of the film arrives in Brazil by the Next

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It was announced on Tuesday (12) by Editora Seguinte, a youth label from Companhia das Letras, that the work Frankly in Love will be launched in Brazil by the house. The book is by David Yoon, husband of Nicola Yoon, author of O Sol é uma Uma Estrela.

Exclusive to Deadline, it was announced last year that the manuscript of the book caught the attention of both publishers and film producers, ensuring an adaptation of the book even before it was released in bookstores. According to Anthony D’Alessandro:

“Yoon illustrated the New York Times Everything bestselling novel Everything, which was written by his wife Nicola Yoon and performed at MGM and Alloy Entertainment last year. Frankly in Love is David Yoon’s debut novel and was one of this year’s hottest manuscripts, spurring an intense April bidding war between ten publishers with Penguin Young Readers, which ended up winning a contract for two books with US rights. Frankly in Love hits bookstores in the fall of 2019 Frankly in Love’s foreign publishing rights have already been sold in 14 countries. The novel is described as a new and identifiable identity and race, seen through the eyes of a Korean-American teenager. “

The film from the book YA is already being developed by Alloy Entertainment and Paramount Players.

In the meantime, his wife will also have a book adapted for theaters this year: the film The Sun Is Also a Star is expected to open in May this year in national theaters.

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