Fortnite: the highlights on the Chapter 2 map

Fortnite: the highlights on the Chapter 2 map

Fortnite went back online this Tuesday morning (15), after being “offline” since last Sunday night thanks to the events of the previous season. Now, the game has a new map that can be explored by players and that has some news.

If you want to check them out, continue reading below. But if you want to leave to discover all the news when you play, we recommend that you stop reading now, since the rest of the text contains spoilers.

What happened earlier in Fortnite

The black hole of Fortnite

The black hole of Fortnite

First, let’s recap what happened last Sunday (13), the end of Fortnite Season X. Those who followed the event noticed that a series of rockets were fired right in the center of the map. Suddenly, a huge black hole appeared and that was it, no one else was able to play the game.

And so Fortnite remained throughout Monday. The black hole was still there and nobody was able to play it. At least, there was still the option of using the famous Konami Code to be able to play a minigame.

The event took many people by surprise, especially if we take into account that there was no official announcement from Epic Games, a Fortnite producer, about what this black hole meant. Anyway, many people imagined that this would be a significant change, and that is exactly what happened.

The new Fortnite map and the best of it

This players’ concern did not take long to end. This Tuesday (15), Epic Games released the new map of what it has already called Season 1 of Chapter 2, implying that this is the beginning of a new era within Fortnite. Check out a trailer below.

This new game map is a huge island that has a nuclear power plant. In the trailer, it was also possible to see a swamp area, a dam, a forest and a place full of mountains.

In addition, this map has more rivers and lakes than usual, and also contains a lighthouse. The trailer also showed the use of boats and that the player can still fish to get weapons and new items, which shows that water will be an important element this time around.

In the challenges that have already been launched for players (which has earned the name New World Challenges), one of the objectives is to find the names of some locations on the new map. Among them, we can mention Pristine Point, FN Radio, Mowdown, The Orchard, Risky Reels, Hydro16 and Pizza Pete’s Food Circle, among others.

Whoever plays the new chapter for the first time will discover that the Visitor managed to stop the destruction of the universe at the last moment, which explains the presence of that black hole in the context of the game’s plot.

The Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass also features some new features. It has new weapons, a medal system for those who fulfill some goals (such as being among the 50 best players in a Battle Royale, headshots, digging through chests, among other things) and even the possibility of walking in a pogo stick.

Check out the trailer below.

Regarding gameplay, the new chapter of Fortnite also presents some news. Some that we can mention are: a bazooka that you can shoot at colleagues to heal them; the ability to carry injured teammates to safety amid the frantic shootings in the game; banks to upgrade weapons with materials that can be collected; explosive elements like gas tanks and barrels and the ability to hide in piles of straw and dumpsters to surprise opponents.

So you can enjoy it now: Fortnite Chapter 2 is now online and ready to be played.