Fortnite: Season 2 is full of mysteries

Fortnite: Season 2 filled with mystery

THE Epic Games presented a new alternative reality for the second season of the second part of Fortnite. This new chapter of the game still has a lot of news regarding its content, but we already know that the chapter will be themed with many golden tools.

Fortnite: Season 2 filled with mystery

That is, the developer is launching from the atmosphere of Fortnite to attract fans. The action last weekend showed advertisements in several locations around the world, including the São Paulo subways. In the ads, you could see a phone number that players would have to call for information.

In Brazil, when making the call, the player heard the following message: “”. With that, several players created a page on Reddit to join the connection information in different cities and arrived at the following map:

But on Monday (17), Epic Games itself updated its social networks with a golden hand on top of the official photos. Users on and started receiving the “activated” message from bots on both social networks.

Many theories have been developed by fans of the game to alleviate curiosity. One of the theories leads us to think about the discovery of a skin called Oro, a golden skeleton that could be the last collectible of the next season. Or the idea that King Midas could turn everything golden with his touch.

A fish can also be an element of the ARG. In one of the calls, there are references to an “Agent Meowsicles” (meow, as an onomatopoeia for the sound of cats in the English language), whose spectrometric analysis reveals the image of a fish and a cat.

Although many speculations are made, we will only be sure of what the new Fortnite on the 20th, as Epic has not yet guaranteed us anything.

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