Formula Fusion is renamed as Pacer and heats engines for its console debut

Formula Fusion is renamed as Pacer and heats engines for its console debut

Ships in position, pilots ready, ready to accelerate and destroy everything around you? The developers of R8 Games are happy to announce the arrival of Pacer during 2019.

This is the evolution of Formula Fusion, a brand renewal that reflects the advancement of the game after 4 years of work. During this time, the project received a great deal of unprecedented content and new game modes, making it an essential game in the futuristic antigravity competition genre.

Pacer is more than a new nickname, it reflects the purest adrenaline carried for its 4K gameplay at 60 frames per second, and to celebrate the ambitious efforts to bring the retro-90s anti-gravity racing genre to the 21st Century. Pacer will accelerate your heartbeats with high speed by offering online tournaments, and fully customizable ships, allowing players to calibrate them until they reach the most perfect destruction machine to achieve victory.

This evolution in the project’s identity really marks a new stage for us”, Says Steve Iles, Senior Producer. “Pacer changed significantly after a restructuring of the core gameplay code and the addition of a lot of new content. We have big plans for 2019 and we felt that we needed to reflect this with a name that better captured the spirit of the game“.

Iles added, “For gamers who have been with us since we announced the first versions of the game in 2015, this evolution represents our ambition to deliver more than they love. Pacer is the realization of our original vision, but bigger and bolder“.

Pacer will feature a stellar soundtrack that will immerse the player in the electronic music of CoLD SToRAGE (WipeOut, Music), Dub FX and many others, as well as the work of graphic designers, The Designers Republic (WipeOut, Grand Theft Auto), strengthening R8 Games’ goal to recapture and expand the spirit of the anti-gravity racing games that marked the 90s.

Pacer will be released for Playstation 4 and Xbox one and it will be a major relaunch for PRAÇA.