For the first time in Brazil, comedian Jim Gaffigan gives a unique performance in São Paulo

For the first time in Brazil, comedian Jim Gaffigan gives a unique performance in São Paulo

A historic moment for Brazilian comedy takes place on March 13, at the Arthur Rubenstein Theater, inside Clube Hebraica, in São Paulo, with the unprecedented presentation of the stand-up comedy show “Pale Tourist”, From the 2020 world tour of Jim Gaffigan, one of the leading names in American entertainment today.

According to Forbes magazine, Jim was the third highest paid comedian in 2019, only behind Kevin Hart and Jerry Seinfeld. In almost three decades of career, the comedian, actor, writer and producer has been nominated for a Grammy Award five times, won two Emmy statues and was twice best-selling author on the newspaper’s renowned list New York Times. Jim Gaffigan has specials available at Netflix and was the first comedian to have an exclusive stand-up show on the platform Amazon Prime Video. Last year, he starred in two films: Being Frank and American Dreamer.

Jim Gaffigan is known as the King of Clean Comedy and your show is suitable for all ages. Her show focuses on themes from day to day family life, with fun and intelligent observations about marriage, relationship with five children, stories experienced with the wife and producer Jeannie Gaffigan in the countries they visit around the world, food, among other topics.

Jim Gaffigan in Brazil

The first contact with Jim Gaffigan was made by the humorist Fábio Rabin, at the end of 2019, at a Gaffigan show in New York. After the event, Rabin talked to the American comedian and revealed his interest in bringing him to Brazil for a show. The conversation evolved and Fabio Rabin called his friend Daniel Bonatti, businessman, English teacher, interpreter and producer of the biggest English comedy shows in Brazil for three years, Standup in English.

With the agreement closed, Rabin and Bonatti invited the comedian Mauricio Meirelles to participate in the event, and Rafinha Bastos, for his current involvement in the American comedy scene, to be one of the partners in the project.

Maurício Meirelles and Fábio Rabin have already done shows in English in my Standup in English project. Jim Gaffigan demanded that Brazilian comedians do, in their respective opening shows, clean texts, in order to comply with his proposal of ‘Clean Comedy’. Surely this will be one of the most important experiences in his careerss ”, highlights Daniel Bonatti.

According to the producer, as the public will be predominantly composed of Brazilians, Gaffigan knows that he needs to “slow down the pace a little” so that his jokes can be better understood.

The show will be all in English, but easy to understand. The audience will come to the show not only for fun, but also to practice English. As for Brazilian comedians, they manage to amuse the audience even if they miss one word or another, as they generate identification with people who also feel the challenge of understanding English.”, Adds Bonatti.

References in the national comedy with crowded shows all over Brazil and consolidated careers, Fábio Rabin and Maurício Meirelles are excited about the possibility of opening the show of a world comedy icon.

I went to his show in New York for being a big fan of the guy. When it was over, I went to talk to him and talked about the possibility of him coming to Brazil. Very nice, the conversation took place in a very nice way and, after that, the project, in fact, was born. It will be a milestone in Brazilian comedy. Jim fills the main venues around the world and now the Brazilian will have this unique opportunity to see him here”, Reveals Rabin.

For Mauricio Meirelles, winner for two consecutive years as the Best Stand Up in Brazil by Humor Laughter Award, performing a show with Jim Gaffigan is the dream of any comedian.

We are talking about a guy who is a reference for a generation of humorists worldwide. He performs in several countries and Brazil entered the list of his international tour thanks to the boldness of Rabin and the influence of Bonatti. It will be an unforgettable night for us and also for the people who go to the Clube Hebraica theater“, highlights.

Tickets cost R $ 95.00 and are already on sale on the Sympla website.