For All Boys: PS I Still Love You – check out the full soundtrack

For All Boys: PS I Still Love You – check out the full soundtrack

We agree that a good romantic comedy necessarily need to score a good soundtrack, as it guarantees attention and conveys the emotion of a certain scene to the viewer.

For All Boys: PS I Still Love You - First Impressions

The romance of Lara Jean and Peter Kavinsky is no different. The two lovebirds from the new film from, , movie sequence can prove the importance of that of a film. Check out all the songs in the film below:

The songs of Para Todos os Garotos: PS I still love you:

The Crystals – “Then He Kissed Me” – Lara Jean voices and dances to the music in her room before being interrupted by Kitty.

OTR & Ukiyo – “Midnight Sun” – Lara Jean goes to the door and finds Peter holding flowers for her.

CYN – “I Can’t Believe” – Lara Jean and Peter are going to have dinner together.

Bora York – “Open Tales” – This song plays during the couple’s dinner.

San Holo feat. Sofie Winterson – “Lift Me From The Ground” – Lara Jean and Peter are in the car and arrive at the Lantern Festival.

Barrie – “Tal Uno” – The couple turns on the flashlight and sees them all launched into the sky.

Lola Marsh – “You’re Mine” – Lara Jean returns home after meeting Peter and goes to the bedroom.

Anna of the North – “Lovers” – Flashback to the scene of the bathtub for All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Bad Bad Hats – “Midway” – Lara Jean receives a letter from John Ambrose McClaren.

Barrie – “Clovers” – Lara Jean drives to the school and walks around the hall.

Ages and Ages – “Way Back In” – Lara Jean and Peter go to the festival together.

Sofi Tukker – “Purple Hat” – Lara Jean goes to Bellview and meets Stormy.

Soundtrack All Boys: PS I Still Love You

Bad Bad Hats – “Psychic Reader” – Peter interrupts Lara Jean when she is daydreaming.

Cayetana – “Age Of Consent” – Lara Jean cooks for Valentine’s Day.

Billie Eilish (performed by cast) – “Ocean Eyes” – Students from the school choir sing this song.

Backstreet Boys (performed by cast) “I Want It That Way” – The choir sings this song during Trevor’s class.

Bad Bad Hats “Talk With Your Hands” – Peter looks for Lara Jean sitting under the school trees. The two exchange Valentine’s Day gifts.

Bad Child feat. Ryan Chambers – “Candy” – A party happens. Lara Jean has a serious conversation with Lucas.

MARKS – “Heartbeat” – Lara Jean leaves the party.

Bad Bad Hats – “It Hurts” – Lara Jean makes cupcakes for the time capsule party.

Erin McCarley – “GOOD” – People gather in the treehouse for the first time capsule party.

Blackpink – “Kill This Love” – Lara Jean dresses for Peter’s lacrosse game.

Ashe – “Moral Of The Story” – Lara Jean suffers from the breakup, but tries to survive the day.

Charlotte Lawrence, Nina Nesbitt & Sasha Sloan – “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” – After sleeping on the floor, Lara Jean wakes up and finds that she is still sad.

Clario – “Alewife” – Lara Jean waits for Gen at the treehouse.

Illenium feat. Bahari – “Crashing” – Lara Jean contacts John Ambrose to talk about Star Ball. Then she is seen dressing up, wearing a beautiful dress.

The New Respects – “You Should Be Dancing” – Bellview residents are dancing and enjoying the event.

Chaz Cardigan – “As I’ll Ever Be” – John Ambrose and Lara Jean dance together while she talks about the time he tried to ask her to dance at school.

Gordi – “Something Like This” – Lara Jeans talks to John Ambrose before discussing the issue with Stormy.

MARINA – “About Love” – Lara Jean and Peter kiss as they walk away from the tree house. End of the movie.

Hanna Mjoen – “Honest” – Second song from the credits.

Hey Violet – “Better By Myself” – Third and last song in the credits.

The film is now available on Netflix.