Flicts, by Ziraldo, wins 50th anniversary commemorative edition

Flicts, by Ziraldo, wins 50th anniversary commemorative edition

While the world was still dazzled by the first images of man’s journey to the Moon, Ziraldo – always fascinated by astronauts, planets, stars and stars – he faced the challenge of making his first book for children in a short time. In just two days the cartoonist finished Flicts, a milestone in the history of Brazilian children’s literature. “… Both the lack of brushes and paints and the short term were not seen as obstacles but as creative parameters, guiding the search for the best way to express and communicate“, Comments Guto Lins in your text The Genesis of Genius, which opens the book.

In 1969, the work’s impact guaranteed the admiration of many. Between them, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, whose article published in the newspaper Morning mail was reproduced in the commemorative edition of the 50th anniversary of Flicts, launched by Publisher Improvements. “He said that I lack words: however, Ziraldo himself, monster-inventor from Caratinga, knew how to find them, composing with them not an explanation by Flicts, but a laconic travel guide, to accompany Flicts’ anxious tour of the universe. This guide came out an exact poem“.

In addition to Drummond, Rachel de Queiroz, Zozimo Barrozo do Amaral, Millôr Fernandes, among other enthusiasts of the time, also had their comments printed in this new edition.

The book, which has sold more than 500,000 copies Improvements and was translated into languages ​​like English, Japanese and Esperanto, tells the story of a color that had no place on our planet: “Once upon a time there was a very sad color called Flicts“. The name was chosen from an interjection of the comic strip The Super Mom, published by Ziraldo in Brazil Newspaper. The cartoonist wanted a word that could have the same sound in different languages.

What Ziraldo did not imagine was that the book would end up in the hands of Neil Armstrong, the first man to set foot on the moon. The cartoonist found him in Rio de Janeiro and gave him an English version of the book. After reading Flicts, the astronaut congratulated him. “Then I told him with my little Englishman, you’re wrong, I have to congratulate you for going up to the moon. He replied, ‘I just went up to the moon, you made a book’“. The cartoonist, touched by the encounter, asked the astronaut to autograph the work and write that Flicts it was the color of the moon. That’s when the phrase came up: “The Moon is Flicts“. Since then, a copy of this ticket has been present in all editions of the book.

The prototype of the work was made with pieces of colored paper, using a printed book as a base; and the illustrations, which were created with scissors and a stylus, have become a reference for generations of designers and illustrators. “Flicts it may be the first Brazilian children’s book in which the term ‘original’ has been replaced by ‘final art’“, Points out Guto Lins.

In the new publication, Adriana Lins – organizer of the work and Ziraldo’s niece – highlights that the original layout and typography were recovered. “It is exactly the project that Ziraldo thought and made. We kept the white pages, the silences“. The book, which had the number of pages reduced to 40 from its second publication, goes back to its original 80 pages.

Flicts it is an invitation to tasting, as Rachel de Queiroz said: “Flicts it is like certain drinks whose intense flavor is felt after being swallowed – it passes through the throat like fire but stays for hours and hours in the roof of the mouth – between sweet and bitter and at the same time it is neither sweet nor bitter, it is itself, it is fruit and flower , root or leaf … So is Flicts. It has to be slow, color by color, word by word …“.

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