First V-Wars trailer with Ian Somerhalder released!

First V-Wars trailer with Ian Somerhalder released!

After having released the first photos, it was time for the Netflix release the first trailer in the series V-Wars starring the actor Ian Somerhalder!

Ian Somerhalder in new photos of V-Wars, new Netflix series, coming in December!

The series will be based on the book of Jonathan Maberry called VWars: Chronicles of the Vampire Wars accompanying the doctor Dr. Luther Swann when he heads into the vampire world after his best friend Michael Fayne (Adrian Holmes) is infected with super bacteria, transformed into one of those creatures that feeds on the blood of others.

But, it doesn’t take long for this disease to spread around the world influencing society and bringing chaos to the world. Thus, Swann will lead a team that seeks a cure to treat thousands of people while his friend may become the leader of the vampires.

Check out the poster:


In the cast we still have Adrian Holmes like Michael Fayne, Jacky Lai like Kaylee Vo and Peter Outerbridge like Calix Niklos.

Executive production is left with William Laurin and Glenn Davis, and the episodes will be directed by Brad Turner.

The first year will feature 10 episodes.

V-Wars will be streamed by Netflix which releases the episodes on December 5.