First photo of Sony Animation’s Connected animation released!

First photo of Sony Animation's Connected animation released!

THE Sony Animation released today (20) the first image of its next animation Connected!

From producers Phil Lord and Chris MillerOscar winner Spider-Man on Spider-Verse, the film is expected to hit theaters in September.

Mike Rianda drives.

Photo: Sony Animation
Photo: Sony Animation

Every family trip, no matter how calculated and planned, will suffer at least one crisis, and one problem. It could be a flat tire, or a pet forgotten in a store that was miles away, or we even have a global technology crisis that makes the world’s electronics gain self-awareness and come together to try to wipe out all of humanity.

This is the description of the animation Connected.

In the plot, we follow Katie Mitchell (voice of Abbi Jacobson) that has just been accepted into your dream college. She is looking forward to starting this new chapter of her life, alone, but her loving father Rick (voice of Danny McBride) decides to take Katie to college and thinks the trip is an ideal opportunity to bring the family together and maybe put the phones aside a little.

So Katie, Rick, mother Linda (voice of Maya Rudolph), the youngest Aaron (voice of Mike Rianda) and the family dog ​​are going on a family trip. The only thing they didn’t count on was that their cell phones turned on them.

In the voice cast we still have the actor Eric Andre as a technology guru called Mark Bowman and Olivia Colman like the virtual personal assistant, PAL.

The film arrives in American theaters in September 18. No debut in Brazil.