First impressions of Jurassic World: Threatened Kingdom classify the film as impressive

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The first impressions of Jurassic World: Kingdom Threatened came out, the film was seen at a premiere in Madrid and according to the journalists present it was applauded for a long time and was a perfect continuation.

“10 minutes applauding … Jurassic World: Threatened Kingdom is impressive, with the JA Bayona seal impeccable, as always. I will not speak anymore … but it is a mandatory visit to the cinema ”.

“JA Bayona stayed in Hollywood for a while, to show that he knows how to deal with big franchises and returned home with the best film of his career: a fast-paced roller coaster, with no breaks, with bold moments from a great juggler. Congratulations”.

“A different approach to the saga, in the style of JA Bayona. It is difficult to make a good film after the high expectation that Jurassic World left, but Bayona succeeded. It is honestly an honor that they chose Spain for the world premiere. Thank you”.

“My sincere congratulations to JA Bayona. I loved the movie, you outdid yourself. Note 10 work ”.

“I am hallucinating! Jurassic World 2 is a series of emotions and the beginning of a new era in the hands of JA Bayona ”.

“Jurassic World 2 is the continuation the saga deserves. Not only is it interesting as proposed, but what’s to come is brutal. JA Bayona does not disappoint ”.

The official synopsis for Jurassic World: Threatened Kingdom states that four years have passed since the park was destroyed by dinosaurs outside the cages. The island is abandoned by humans while the dinosaurs that survived remain in the forests. Owen, played by Chris Pratt and Claire, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, will return to the island to save the dinosaurs and Owen intends to find Blue, his raptor who is on the loose on the island.

The first film grossed $ 1.66 billion at the worldwide box office, the fourth highest grossing in the history of cinema.

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By Milena Costa