Finn Jones considers the cancellation of Iron Fist a shame

Finn Jones considers the cancellation of Iron Fist a shame

Finn Jones and Jessica Henwick, Iron Fist stars, were at Rhode Island Comic Con last week and, when talking about the cancellation of the original Netflix series in partnership with Marvel, showed disappointment.

Jones, who plays the protagonist, says that “It is a pity that the program is canceled just when Danny reached its peak … it seems that the journey is incomplete.”, According to information from journalist Clare Kramer, who was present at the event.

When the series’ announcement was revealed, the audience’s response was mixed, although many cheered the news. Jonas stated at the time: “I have a huge affection and a lot of respect for everyone involved in the last two seasons of this series. Defending the largest city in the world with the most talented and warmest people was a privilege and a joy. Blessed to have done this journey and grateful for the continued support. “

It is still uncertain about the future of the character in other series of the Marvel-Netflix partnership that gave rise to The Defenders and four more programs, especially with the cancellation of Luke Cage, which came shortly after the sad news of Iron Fist. Daredevil received its third season last month and Jessica Jones is expected to open new episodes in 2019, following firm and strong, at least so far.

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