Find out why Spanish series are so successful

Find out why Spanish series are so successful

With spectacular plots and well-crafted stories, spanish series have conquered the world and thus gained more notoriety, but that will be the reason for the success Spanish series?

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Firstly, we can mention that, in Spain, the series were seen by the local producers as second-rate products, however, with the good media performance aligned with good incomes and with the services, the panorama changed the course of the Spanish series .

Thus, from the moment that large audiovisual producers, such as Netflix, Paramount, Mediapro, among others began to be interested in productions on Spanish soil, the public’s interest in this type of entertainment has changed.

Furthermore, with the inauguration of the first Netflix studio in the city of Madrid, in ‘Tres Cantos, on the northern outskirts of the Spanish capital, it has made Madrid the status of the series production center. With the ease of services of these new productions made in Spanish lands they have won the world.

In this way, these successes in the Spanish series are not limited only to the Hispanic terrain, with virtual services on the rise on Netiflix platforms, for example, it becomes increasingly easy to see and explore Spanish audiovisual productions from all over the world, thus expanding a little bit of Spanish culture.

As an example, the series, which tells a classic story of a perfect plan with the objective of robbing the Spanish Mint, can be mentioned. In the series, the assault mentor, Professor (Alvaro Morte) recruits several burglars in the city to steal the Mint, a plot that seems to involve the viewer, who tends to become addicted to the series’ plot.

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Another factor why Spanish series are so successful is that the Spanish language is on the rise. With the increase in and the decentralization of series productions, the search for non-English language products has increased.

In addition to the services of, what has greatly increased in the digital world is the access to non-English content, the success of large productions on Spanish soil has reached viewers from all parts of the world.

From this, many people come into contact with series “outside the English language business”, making them exposed to a new linguistic experience, which seems to yield profits, bring returns and make large producers want to invest more and more in the Spanish series’ market, bringing benefits to both parties – both for the producers who produce them and for the viewers who, through the plot that takes place in Spanish territory, are exposed to a new culture and language.

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In the cultural context, this Spanish market, which is boiling, has great productions, such as:,,,,, among others that have increased the curiosity of why the Spanish series are so successful in Brazil. In fact, the consumption of Spanish content by Brazilians has increased since the arrival of Netflix in the country in 2011.

Since then its menu has increased and several Brazilians have been able to follow the Hispanic series closely, and even though the company has an interest in producing “Brazilian authorship” plots, these productions continue to be successful here.

There is nothing so special that makes Castilian series a fever in Brazil, but with one thing many agree: cultural and linguistic proximity are one of the reasons that keep Brazilians so fixed in the plots of Spanish productions. So these seem to be some of the reasons why spanish series make it so successful, both in Brazil and worldwide, and, from that, win more and more people.