Financial reporting gives Apple TV + price and release date for November!

Financial reporting gives Apple TV + price and release date for November!

After Apple yesterday to release the trailer for its first, and main release of the original series, a financial report from Bloomberg states that the AppleTV + will be released in November in the USA.

The publication claims that Apple’s streaming service will arrive at a price of $ 9.99 a month.

In comparison, in the USA, Netflix charges $ 12.99, the Prime Video $ 8.99, the Hulu $ 5.99, and the new streaming service from Disney will charge you $ 6.99.

Apple announces AppleTV + its streaming service!

A clear launch date has not been released, but it is a matter of days before the tech giant sets a date. Some insiders bet that the platform should be launched for the holiday of Thanksgiving, which in 2019 happens on November 28th.

The value of $ 9.99 that the user will pay will still give access to original content that Apple develops. Among the projects are The Morning Show with Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carrel, and For All Mankind with the actor Joel Kinnaman, and Little Voice that will have production of JJ Abrams with songs from Sara Bareilles.

Check the full list of series here.

In numbers, AppleTv + is one of the most expensive projects. The report states that Apple has spent more than $ 6 billion on the platform. The Morning Show hit Game of Thrones and it is the most expensive series developed for TV (streaming!) so far: 300 million dollars. There were 15 million per episode with 2 seasons ordered.

According to Variety, Apple is still planning how it will launch the episodes on the platform. It is not known whether the full seasons will be released in a month, but the idea that has been circulating in the market is from Apple Tv + follow the Hulu scheme, in releasing the first three episodes at once, and then the season on a weekly basis.

A free trial period is also in Apple’s plans.

AppleTv + will arrive first in the US, with no release date in Brazil.

The forecast that Apple will launch the platform in more than 100 countries, which will receive the streaming service first is that it has not been announced yet.